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#52 Consistency Vs. Programming…Or Both?


A topic that can bring quite an argument and that brings many questions with it. What are the most crucial points of your training that are going to deliver the most efficient results? Consistency Vs. Programming…or BOTH?

Often you’ll hear things such as “I need a program that works” or “I want results now” or even “I need a program that will add 20kg to my squat in 2 weeks!”…possible? Yeah. Most likely that result will manifest due to many other variables (technique, mobility, mind set towards the lift etc.) not including the program.

The above touches lightly on programming and the other variable is of course consistency. Now this is a matter of perspective, when we hear consistency we often think things like “always”, “for a long time” and “to never deviate”, or any other presumptions along these lines. This is true, although you must also understand that you can be consistent in not being consistent (a funny paradox of life) or consistent in training just once a week, which obviously isn’t going to yield optimal results.

This brings me to believe that they are both extremely important, because there are programs that are more suited to individual people and those individuals must be consistent in carrying out said program. I believe that’s a fair statement, although I can confidently say I would steer ever so slightly towards consistency trumping the programing. At the end of the day the individual must make the decision to put action toward what the program requires, to then bring the results they are after.

The thing is… Everything works! Although there are ways of training that are more beneficial for different people. There is no magical program or a quick fix to “GAIN CENTRAL” and for anyone that buys into those laughable “health & fitness” gimmicks that are just giving the industry a bad wrap; they simply don’t work for the long term. You may get some instant gratification but it won’t teach you to put in the work and love it. You absolutely must invest your time and effort towards the goal, this is something you can use in all aspects of your life; with a gimmick you’re better off holding a flame to the money you’d be spending on them.

Morale of this article, get a program that suits your goals and individual needs or a coach that is passionate about the style of training that you love and suits the goals you want. Get to the GYM when you are meant to, train with ruthless intent, love the process of training and being consistent with your goals, get out and feel like a f#‪#‎king‬ BOSS!

Travis Evenden