🎓 📝 LAB REPORT-365 📝 🎓

Jessica Stojnic
Strength Performance Coach


We all have those days were we feel a bit flat. Crawling back into bed seems like a much more appealing option than getting up and getting on with our day. Sometimes we get into a rut and these days happen more often than we would like to admit. Fear not! Here are a few helpful tips for breaking through the blues and finding inspiration in places you would have never thought of!

As soon as you open your eyes and you can feel that lack of motivation creeping up on you, turn up the beats! And turn it on a little bit louder than you’re comfortable with at such an hour. After a couple minuets of your head rattling you’ll get used to it then into it! Music is a great way to inspire and pump you up on those down days. I’ve been all about the super epic instrumentals to get me going on my early morning commute. I get to work fired up and ready for the day.

OKAY. Before you blow this one off, I know it seems a bit cheesy, but these things really do work and are actually my #1 go to when I need to light a fire under my ass. I find an interesting one, usually that has some music too for the double whammy, and it’s the first thing that goes into my ears in the morning. I feel like a solider on my way off on a quest to beat something evil but it’s cool. Better then feeling like a sloth and dragging my ass to zombie my way through life ya? Plus Will Smith and Arnold (to name a few) speak some mad deep shit. Love it.

Or whatever kind of social media where you can watch a couple clips to get you excited about the day. Watch anything. Dogs doing silly things, record breaking Clean and Jerks.. Whatever you’re into (clearly I’m into both). Just a couple videos in the morning to simulate the brain and light up that fight in you, the desire to get up and work hard.

This one is a bit of a fun little project to start off but once it’s done and it’s staring you in the face every day its super effective. Think of your biggest dreams, the goals you want more than anything. Start small then add more and more onto the board. You want money? Put REAL money onto the board (We don’t have time for any funny money). You want a big new house? Find of photo of YOUR FUTURE HOUSE and put it in the bored. You want to travel the world? Win gold medal? Stand at the highest point on a podium? Save the fucking world? PUT IT ON THE BOARD. Look at it every morning when you get up and accept it as FACT. This is my life. This is my stuff. No doubt. No fear. Make it happen. Being REALISTIC is the most commonly travelled road to MEDIOCRITY. When your goals are clear it isn’t hard to grind because you know what you’re working for. Only YOU can make it happen and you’re the only one to blame if it doesn’t. Fight fear. Fight doubt and BELIEVE in your ability to succeed.

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