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#54 Mental Battles of Rehab


Pre Surgery

Before I tore my ACL in Jan 2016, I was a super active human. I was training for my first Weightlifting Competition in March, I trained three times a week as a Quarterback and Wide Receiver for the Brisbane Blaze. My weekends would involve the swimming in the beautiful Queensland beaches, camping with the family, climbing mountains and we all know I loved to party.

Post Surgery

Within the first 3 weeks after surgery, I noticed a HUGE mental shift. I had myself wishing I could do all the things I used to do everyday, I constantly put myself down for getting injured by saying I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, fast enough, etc. I was angry, frustrated and anxious about almost everything I did. My self esteem was lower than ever. I had no confidence in my self, particularly in the fact that I was an injured coach.

I needed a total change of focus at this stage. So I did. Since coming back to the gym, I’ve found my niche market I want to target for my business and developed a positive and productive routine from the time I wake up to go to sleep every single day.

This is how I did it:

Put myself in a supportive, encouraging and empowering environment.
Set goals. One each for personal, lifestyle, financial, career and relationships.
Make lists. Every day I list what I need to do to chip away at each goal
Got a Mentor. Talk to the people who have what you want.
Healthy eating habits. It’s crazy how much good food has an impact on your mood!
There are a few special people to thank dearly for the continuous support but you know who you are.

In summary, I needed a drive to grow and by feeding off the positive environment around me and believing I deserved to improve, lead me to be able to squat well over my bodyweight seven weeks post surgery, change my whole focus on life and business and improve my relationships immaculately.

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Photo Credit: Anthony Rap