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#56 How Being Strong Changed My Life


How? I made a choice.

I made the decision to change after years of competing in individual and team sports believing “good” was ok. I want to be the best possible athlete my body will allow it to be. The only thing was I didn’t know how to do it. When I changed my path and took on the Fitness Industry as a career, it opened my eyes to a whole new world. Long story short, I was a Softball pitcher with the WORST shoulders ever. Reason = no education. Once I understood Strength Training along with anatomy, biomechanics, physics and physiology, it all made sense.

The positive effects:

• You understand the crazy things the human body is potentially capable of.
• Your mindset will change from being okay with “good” to “I want to be the best”.
• You know how to get there by the science of programming and a determined mindset.
• I don’t know about yours, but my whole body has changed for the better. Inside and out (see before and after strength training photos below).
• You build a ridiculously strong head game.

The negative effects:

• You become addicted to progress and never stop.

Take on the challenge. Find your reason to be strong. Everyone should have one!

– Mikaela Briggs – Performance Coach